Tuesday, 7 February 2017

About me

Hello everyone and welcome!
As this is my first blog I thought I'd better tell you all about myself
My name is Holga Hoy and yes before anyone ask I am English born and breed my father like the name so he said let's do it. As you can imagine all though school I had all the nick names and even 'hoggy hoggy hoggy hoy hoy hoy' (got that in so everyone can have a bit of a giggle)

I have no children but I do have 2 gorgeous neices who are 7 going on 18 (and she tells me off) and 8 months old (who changed the settings on my phone while eating it and now I don't know what she has done to change it back) and 2 handsome nephews who are 6 (who is going to be the next karate kid) and 2 (who loves his dog Coco and likes to be naked)
My other halfs name is Paul and he sometimes thinks he is a widow as I am always in my craft room.

I love to create something from books, paper or anything really, if it's not nailed down then I will use it and modify it somehow.
So one night while I was scrolling through alot of stuff on you tube as you do, I came across stampin up. It looked difficult to do I thought but, as I got through more and more videos I thought why not have a go. So off I went to find someone to get me the equipment.
The more I got into it the more I loved creating cards, a gift boxs or invites for family events. That's when I though why not become a demonstrator myself. So here I am.

Now that's over with I can get on with creating projects for you guys to try at home in your spare time.
I will see you all soon.
Holga xx


  1. Awww lovely first blog entry Holga made me giggle ... fantastic ... have fun with it honey xxx Amanda